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In mid 2002 I started mailing myself things. I don't mean postcards and letters. I mean things. 

Things including:

-A Salada cracker biscuit

-Chewing gum.

-A sachet of Mc McCormick Cheese Sauce.

-The cardboard middle bit of a toilet roll.

-A Home Brand Cheese Slice.

-An Uncle Tobys Museli Bar

You get the idea. 

These things were not put in bags or anything. I simply stuck a stamp, a label with my name and address on it, onto the object and placed it in a mailbox (with correct postage of course). 

Sometimes, in the case of the Salada cracker or cheese slice, I sealed the thing in sticky tape so it wouldn't fall apart in the mail.

Australia Post is simply brilliant. They do good work. Nearly everything arrives undamaged and within days. Only a few things, such as the lid to a mayonnaise jar, failed to materialise.

In mid 2003, my friend, Niki Patterson, started mailing me things using the same method. Amongst other things, she sent a teabag, a condom, and a roll of Polo Mints.

In January 204 I exhibited them. I don't think the Sydney Morning Herald quite knew what to make of it - click here for the review and an image.

In February 2004 I sent a whole lot of things to myself, I was going to give them as gifts to my friends. Australia post called and left me a voice mail message. 

I never returned the call and I never received the last batch.