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This is a story about Frank, but also about coincidence, it's just that my life seems to involve a tremendous number of them.

I don't know if any thing really means anything.  Sometimes I think we may be given signs. But signs of what? Here's true story about one day in late December 2003:

I woke up with a sore back and shoulders. It must have been the way I slept. Anyway, Iím in a lot of pain and all I did was sleep. (Imagine how much damage I could do to myself when Iím awake? )

So Iím awake and in pain and Iíve got a lot to do. My motorbike is not working I have to fix it. The ignition switch is broken. But the bike is such a rare and antique Italian thing that the switch in not available. They have to fly it in from Bologna or somewhere. Probably first class.

Which means the bike, which I love the way some people love horses, could be out of action until the first or second week of January. 

A prospect that does not please me.

Anyway. So my friend, Frank (who can do anything), has agreed to help me fix it. I love Frank. Frank knows about such things and will give me his time.

Itís hot, like 30 something degrees. Iím driving around, getting bike parts, in a lot of pain and stuck in traffic.

Is Ravi feeling happy about all of this? No, not really. Anyway 3 hours later weíre ready to begin. Frank is experimenting with the wiring. He shorts out a fuse.

He reaches to replace fuse, drops it and, at almost exactly the same time a black out hits. Itís like Frank caused the black out. The timing is remarkable. The power in the whole block goes out when he drops the fuse.

What are the chances of that?* I mean itís got to be a million to one. Is this a sign or something?

Frank is in the dark, the bike is in bits, I am in pain, and the heat is relentless.

Ok, so a few hours later the lights are on and the bike is working. I get in my car to drop Frank home.

I turn the ignition. Nothing happens. I mean nothing at all. Zip.

I am in a lot of pain. Hot, tired and the car is not working. Itís a problem not even Frank can fix. I call the NRMA. The battery is stuffed. I need a new one.

Get this. The very minute the bike works, the car breaks down. Is this a sign? And if so, of what?

I have a large 4 wheel drive. The battery has the words Ďtruck and tractor batteryí printed on the side. I mean this is a huge agricultural kind of vehicle. Itís also twice as expensive as a normal car battery. So they call for a replacement to be sent.

Itís now 6 pm. Frank and I have spent the day doing this. The whole day stuffing around. How is it possible for this to happen?

The battery arrives. By 7 pm the whole thing is over - 7 pm. Camilla picks up Frank. I am bewildered. Sometimes, life is like this...